The Àni Villas Anguilla team is dedicated to delivering remarkable vacation experiences for you and your family.  Our talented staff comes with a variety of skills and talents  - they look forward to pampering to your every need.  Here are a few of our key staff members that will take care of you during your stay.

Felix Pina - Property Manager

Felix Pina

Property Manager

Your primary host is an 18-year veteran in the Anguilla service industry. Felix's greatest assets, as you will quickly find on arrival, are his warm personality and his seemingly effortless ability to anticipate and meet the needs of our guests. He has successfully instilled these same values throughout the Ani Villas team. Felix began his career at the renowned Cap Juluca resort and after a number of years served as assistant manager at Cerulean Villa, another of Anguillia’s premier luxury properties. In 2012 Felix completed the Starkey International Household Management program which helped take the service at Ani Villas to a whole new level.

Hasani - Butler/Maintenance

Hasani Derrick


"Sani" serves as assistant Property Manager to Felix - playing a key role in the overall service delivery to our guests.   Sani originally hails from Dominica and came to Anguilla working with several private villas in maintenance and management positions.   Sani joined Ani Villas to oversee the overall maintenance of the villas and facilities, but his attention to detail and dedication to the needs to our guests made him a natural as Felix's right hand man.  Our guests may most appreciate Hasani for the key role he plays in our food service operation, beach butler services and special event preparation.  Hasani likewise completed the Starkey Management program, graduating at the top of his class.

Kelston “Sweets” Connor

Executive Chef

Sweets joined Ani Villas in 2013 serving a number of our visiting families and after consistently rave reviews we decided to bring him on board full time. He is a true local talent, having honed his skills at several of the finest restaurants and hotels in Anguilla including Cap Juluca, Viceroy, Veya and Bananas. He has amazed us with his level of sophistication and his remarkable ability to combine the best of local and international cuisine. Most Importantly you are sure to love his food!

Morris “Shamash” Brooks

Breakfast Chef

Shamash serves breakfast with a smile and style at Ani Villas. A legendary Anguillian, Shamash has his own restaurant (Zarra’s at Shoal Bay) and for many summers cooked at Cyril’s in the Hamptons. While all his food is fantastic, Shamash does dinner at his own restaurant so we have to settle for his amazing breakfasts.

Denny - Tennis Pro

Denny Derrick

Tennis Pro/Sports Activity Director

Denny Derrick leads our in-house Tennis and Sports Activities Program. Denny is another local product, having grown up learning Tennis at the Anguilla Tennis Academy to become the islands top seeded player while coaching in the children’s program of which he himself was a student. Over the last several years Denny was the head pro and ran the Tennis program at Cuisinart Resort. Tennis Lessons, Mountain Biking, SUP’s and sports programs are offered at no additional cost to our guests.

Kaisha Gumbs, Cindy Rose, Annicke Clarke

Private Service Attendants

Keisha, Cindy and Anik form the core of our guest services, supporting Felix and Hasani with all aspects of your stay, be it delivery of food service at the villas, bartending and pool service, or providing beach services. The also assist Chef Sweets and the Housekeepers with clean up and turn down service. In short, they are at your service to help insure your needs are met while you are with us at Ani Villas.

Robin Gomes, Devon Walwyn, Roland Daniel

Facility Maintenance & Logistics

Robin, Roland and Devon not only handle the general upkeep of the facility, but also play an integral role in the logistics of your stay. You will most often see them leading our beach butler service and special event set up legwork, but behind the scenes help make sure our equipment, materials and supplies can be seamlessly provided for our guests.