Ani Art Academies

Àni Villas is proud to be an affiliated supporter of the Àni Art Academies, a non-profit program that provides an intensive free multi-year oil painting and drawing education. The program fosters a group of up-and-coming artists around the world. The Academy and Villas help expose artists' work to guest at Ani Viillas and other vacationing tourists.  The works of the students are regularly exhibited within galleries in New York and Pennsylvania, at times within specific shows dedicated to the works for the Ani Art Academies' students.

All Ani Art Academies are completely free for students inclusive of materials and equipment. Students are chosen by need and work ethic and instructed using a methodology and curriculum developed by the innovative and ground breaking Anthony Waichulis.

We encourage you to see the results the Ani Art Academies for yourself at  All the artwork are drawings and paintings, not photography.

Currently academies are operating in Anguilla, Dominican Republic and Pennsylvania, where Mr. Waichulis trains future instructors in his methodology that they may travel later to the schools under development around the world.  Additional academies are now in development   - in 2014 we expect to see the opening of academies in Thailand and Sri Lanka.